Emilia Borgthorsdottir, Designer

Emilia Borgthorsdottir, Designer


Emilia Borgthorsdottir is an Icelandic designer best known for her debut product, Sebastopol occasional tables, which were introduced by Coalesse at NeoCon in 2011. The tables won the gold "Best of NeoCon" award and have since then been sold all over the world. 

Growing up on a volcanic island in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean has always been an important inspiration for Emilia´s work. With a degree in physical therapy and experience in clinical work, she has a strong ergonomic background that is integrated into her design.

Originally trained as a physical therapist, Emilia pivoted to design when living in California. She completed her B.A. in Industrial Design from Art Institute of Orange County in 2009.

“The greatest design of all is the human body. I never get tired of understanding how our surroundings and the objects we interact with, fit the body and how the body conforms to the surroundings. The functionality of any design and experience must suit our body and allow it to move freely.”